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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Seriously every new follower I get makes me excited! So looking today and seeing I have 23 is amazing! Now I thought to myself what could I do to thank you all who have been my first few followers? A fun giveaway when I hit 25 followers! 2 more to go!

HINT: It has to do with a place I talk about in a lot of my posts!

Hope you all are having a great weekend! I cannot believe I start my first year of teaching in a month! WOOHOO!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Shopping Linky!

Being a new teacher I feel like all I am shopping for is my classroom! So why not share with you! Thanks to Ladybug's Teacher Files for hosting this fun linky!

My most recent purchase was my teacher chair that I have been posting about the past two days! Here is a current look at it! 

I am so excited to see it finished! Patience! 

Another thing I have been working on for my classroom is my class library. I was a reluctant reader when I was in school and in one of my college classes I did a project on helping reluctant readers want to read. The most common answer I found in my research...have a welcoming classroom library! So while at Target (my second home!) I stumbled upon these on sale!! Woohoo!

They are called a Bumpidoodle! I just couldn't resist these! I hope my students love them as much as I do!

Another wonderful thing I purchased at target was chip trays from the dollar section (even though they were $2.50). My wonderful mentor teacher purchased them and told me how she is going to use them! When I heard I ran over to target and picked up a few for my classroom! 

This is not the exact one I got, but it is the same idea! A center and six additional spots. So when teaching number sense or using manipulatives in math load up these babies and let your students choose which manipulative they want to use! So fun and who would have ever thought of this! If you have done this in your classroom or something like it, share how it went? Thanks!

I hope the rest of your are having a fun summer! Remember to head over to Ladybug's Teacher Files to share your summer shopping! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music in the Classroom!

First off a chair update! (I know most of you probably don't care too much, but I am so super excited!) I ripped off the old fabric with help from my sister and fiancé and then went to Ace to buy some spray paint! Then my fiancé sanded some spots and started to prime! Yay! I think it already is looking better!

Next, I love to use music in the classroom! So this linky is perfect! Thanks to Amanda over at Teaching Maddeness for hosting this linky!

Some of the greatest music I find is off of YouTube! It seriously has music for everything from math, to counting, to science and so on! 

1. Song about 3-D Shapes! I love it!

2. Song about the Planets! From Have Fun Teaching, in a video! Have fun teaching has tons of fun songs on their website and you can download them in many ways!

3. Song about Washington and Lincoln! This was really fun to use on President's Day!

For fun my mentor teacher would turn on songs from Disney movies! The kids loved this and I definitely want to do it with my class in the future! The song would start to play and the kids would guess which movie it was from, they thought it was the best thing!

I have not used this in my teaching, but I would really love to, it is HeidiSongs! I really enjoyed the Phonics songs and mentioned them in a prior post. Has anyone used her songs in their classroom? What other CDs of her would you recommend? 

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to hop on over to Teaching Maddeness to join in on the fun!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! I know I am enjoying every minute! One of the things I was wanting in my classroom was a fun teacher chair! So I found this little foldable rocking chair on craigslist...let's see what I can turn this beauty into!