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Sunday, August 25, 2013

I am learning too!

Hi All,

I had a crazy summer and things are still moving! I am about to start my 3rd full week with my class and I am in love with my group! They are all so different and I love it! I have been telling them the past few weeks that I am learning just like they are because I am new to the school! My district has a curriculum for every subject which is AMAZING! Now, I just have to dedicate time to learn all of these new curriculums!

One of the programs our district uses is Fundations! I think it is a wonderful program from what I have seen so far and how ready my kiddos came in from kinder! Those of you that know the program know it is not super cutesy! I had tons of stuff from last year, phonics posters, alphabet line and such that I am now unable to use! So, I decided to make my own cutesy materials to go along with the program! The first thing I made is an alphabet line! It can go in any room, but ties along with this program!

Check it out here in my TpT Store!

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sale! Time to go Shopping!

What girl doesn't enjoy shopping?! What teacher doesn't love a TeacherspayTeachers Sale!?!

This is such a great time to grab up those items that have been sitting around in your wish list! Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time to make A LOT of change!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I feel like all I have been doing this summer is change! Saying goodbye to my first school was difficult! I had to move cities and that is okay! I am now closer to family and that makes my heart happy! Then on May 31st I married the man of my dreams! Wahoo! I loved everything about my wedding! EVERYTHING! Now, blogger has to change. If it is not one thing it is another in my life right now! A family member added that all I needed to do was have a baby and I would have the most change in one summer. I gave them the evil eye! Although I love babies, my husband and I agree we need some time together before we think about expanding our family! So head on over to Bloglovin' if you want to keep updated with all the changes in my life! I am so excited about where everything is headed!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Learning like old school!"

Whiteboards, pens, pencils, paper OH technology =[

So, yesterday morning my kiddos come into class and we start calendar on the smart board and BAM it turns off. Yup, it just shuts off on its own, I tried everything to get it back on and then just thought maybe it overheated. Fast forward to math time about 2 hours later, I try and turn the smart board on...NO LUCK! Call the wonderful tech man and he starts doing his thing. Fast forward to the end of this story I had no smart board yesterday and no smart board today until about 1:30! All day my kiddos kept saying, "we are learning like old school!" Lets just say I was one stressed out teacher! I do everything and I mean EVERYTHING on the smart board! I love creating lessons and using youtube and Me oh My I could go on and on! Tomorrow is a new day and I will be one happy lady walking in to my classroom and having technology!

Speaking of smart board technology if you have not heard of SMART Exchange you need to check it out! It has great resources and smart board ready lessons to use! I adjust some to meet the needs of my students, but it is really great to not have to start from square one!

We just started fractions and I loved using this idea from F is for First Grade! You take cookies and tell students we will be sharing them! Then have students choose if they would want 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 and write their name under their choice! Then actually cut the cookies and give them their "share." It was HILARIOUS! My kiddos were so mad at me! They kept saying that I tricked them! (I am a nice teacher and after they completed their math fraction sort they got their own cookie 1/1 fractional piece, YES my firsties made the connection of 1/1, NOT ME)! If you would like to get the details check out the original blog post by clicking the picture!

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday night! Let me know some of your favorite fraction activities for primary grades!

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Currently!

Hi all! I hope you had a great Easter weekend, I know I did! There are so many things going on in my life right now and I have a feeling it isn't going to get any easier! These next two months are going to fly by and it will be the end of May! OMG!

I thought I would link up with Farley for her monthly currently!

Stop on over to her blog to join in the fun!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Giveaway!

Hi all! Kathy over at First Grade a la Carte is celebrating her birthday this week with a week of giveaways! I have donated my most popular item Ladybug ending sounds! Head on over for a chance to win it plus many things from many other fabulous bloggers!

Have a wonderful Thursday night!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Snowball Math!

I know many of you have probably seen Cara Carroll's post on her greater than less than snowball fight. I loved the idea and I adapted it to my kiddos needs!

I took many half sheets of white paper and wrote numbers from 1-99 on them, crumbled them up and put them in a bucket. I told my kiddos that I know we live in AZ and never get to have a snowball fight so we are going to make our own! I had the kiddos sit around the outside edge of my rug and then tossed all the "snowballs" into the middle. I of course told them the rules and CROSSED MY FINGERS that they would follow them! I let them all have the snowball fight for about 30 seconds. I would yell a magic word, sparkle, freeze, name it. Then I would say GRAB TWO! The students grabbed the two closest snowballs went back to their seats and wrote out their greater than or less than sentence. The kiddos loved it and so did I!

Hope you all had a great Monday! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I have seen this before on many others blogs and I decided to join the party!

Oh and don't forget! The TpT Superbowl sale is still going on! Head on over to my store to pick up some items! I know I have been shopping like crazy already! 

Be sure to head on over to Farley's blog to share your currently!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Great Indoor Recess Site and a Sale!

So, I feel like I have been MIA for way too long! Wedding planning, being sick, starting 3rd quarter! WOW! Time to take a breath! 

During the past couple of weeks we have had a couple "rainy days," which here is AZ is wonderful, but the kiddos get super excited and I need a way to contain that energy! My cooperating teacher, uses this website so I emailed her real quick to remind me, set up an account and WALLAH, FUN INDOOR RECESS!

All you do is go to the teachers tab, scroll down a bit and there is a "Are you a Teacher?" box and register with your District email!!! You will have full access to all of the videos! 

Some of my class's favorites are the Mr. Marc videos! The thing I love is that a lot of times they can correlate with what I am teaching! We just learned about Arctic and there is an Arctic Freeze video! The kids love it, I love it, and they get to burn some energy when we are stuck inside! Wahoo! I hope you can use this! I sure know it has helped me!

Oh, I cannot forget, the TpT Superbowl sale! Of course I will be participating! Don't forget to enter SUPER to get up to 28% off!

Thank you to Primary Polka Dots for the cute graphic!

I hope to be back soon with some more craziness fun from the past few weeks!