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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Learning like old school!"

Whiteboards, pens, pencils, paper OH technology =[

So, yesterday morning my kiddos come into class and we start calendar on the smart board and BAM it turns off. Yup, it just shuts off on its own, I tried everything to get it back on and then just thought maybe it overheated. Fast forward to math time about 2 hours later, I try and turn the smart board on...NO LUCK! Call the wonderful tech man and he starts doing his thing. Fast forward to the end of this story I had no smart board yesterday and no smart board today until about 1:30! All day my kiddos kept saying, "we are learning like old school!" Lets just say I was one stressed out teacher! I do everything and I mean EVERYTHING on the smart board! I love creating lessons and using youtube and Me oh My I could go on and on! Tomorrow is a new day and I will be one happy lady walking in to my classroom and having technology!

Speaking of smart board technology if you have not heard of SMART Exchange you need to check it out! It has great resources and smart board ready lessons to use! I adjust some to meet the needs of my students, but it is really great to not have to start from square one!

We just started fractions and I loved using this idea from F is for First Grade! You take cookies and tell students we will be sharing them! Then have students choose if they would want 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8 and write their name under their choice! Then actually cut the cookies and give them their "share." It was HILARIOUS! My kiddos were so mad at me! They kept saying that I tricked them! (I am a nice teacher and after they completed their math fraction sort they got their own cookie 1/1 fractional piece, YES my firsties made the connection of 1/1, NOT ME)! If you would like to get the details check out the original blog post by clicking the picture!

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday night! Let me know some of your favorite fraction activities for primary grades!

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