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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wonderful Find for Word Work!

So I have been trying to implement the Daily 5 in my class! We are at the Daily 1 right now doing read to self! Being a new teacher I am having a hard time having enough "just right" books for my kiddos so our stamina was stuck at 7-8 minutes. Then I was told of old Harcourt decodables in the bookroom at my school and picked those up! Yesterday and today my kiddos read for 10 and 10 1/2 minutes! I was so proud of them! I am thinking that the same thing is going to happen with our time going up until we flatten out again. So, I was talking with my teammate and she began word work with her class this week. HOLD ON...first year teacher problem...I have not accumulated all these wonderful materials like stamps and wiki-sticks and so on to have word work stations!

TARGET TO THE RESCUE! Target just put out their new dollar spot items yesterday! I was checking it out and WALLAH! I found sets of alphabet stamps for $1! I grabbed 3 and wish I would have grabbed a few more. They are small, but for a 1st year teacher on a budget I am thrilled with the find! I ran next door to Michaels and grabbed some ink stamps, also for $1. Here is how my sets turned out!

The tub is from Pei Wei. Yes, I still eat like my firsties! I rock the kids meal! When my honey and I order to-go we ask for extra sauce and it comes in these beauties! I keep each one! They always come in handy!

Now I just have to get all of my other stations/centers ready for the start of next week! What are some of your kiddos favorite word work stations? That colorful 10-drawer caddy is sure coming in handy for organization!

Have a wonderful evening and a great rest of the week!


  1. Hang in there, they will build more stamina and one day you will look up and be amazed at how long they can go! I told my kiddos that when they get to 20 minutes, we can have a "stinky feet" read to self and they can all go shoe-less for that time. You think they won the grand jack pot I tell you!Thanks for sharing your Target find. I will be scoping out for these!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  2. I am a first year teaching implementing The Daily 5 and running into the same difficulties with not having enough materials! I'm so glad you told me Targets new $1 section is in. That is like Christmas shopping for me, I love it!!

  3. I did a big post this summer with lots of new word word activities that you can use! You can find it here

    Hope it helps,
    Super Pig and Tyrant King

  4. Last year was my first year in regular classroom and I would use spelling activities for word work such as rainbow words where students trace their spelling words with three different colors, sky, grass, and dirt letters, write sentences with spelling words, and use letter tiles to spell words. This went along with our spellin curriculum so it wasn't the most creative but easy to get word work started.

  5. As soon as I can get my hands on them I'll be using Scrabble tiles to make spelling/sight words and then they'll add up the sum of the words. (Cross-curricular woot woot!) I also do a lot of nonsense word stuff at the beginning of the year. Email me and I'll send you my Nonsense Word Fluency mini-unit from my TpT store. (put your blog and name in the subject pls)

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  6. Those little stamps are so cute. I have some (from Target of course). My kids seemed to take a long time to find the right letter so I put them away. Fast forward to the pinterest era- put one stamp each into an ice cube tray. They will be able to quickly find each letter! Hang in there Shannon.