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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wow! 1 month down!

Hi all! I am so sorry for being completely MIA for the past month. Being a first year teacher I feel like I have NO time! I am always thinking about something and have feeling like I am always a step behind. This is hard because I like to be 5 steps ahead. I have been on a total roller coaster. I will feel great one day and then come home and cry for like 2 hours some days. So again I apologize for being MIA, I have just been engulfed with my classroom and school.

Anyways...I did have a giveaway winner for my Classroom Friendly Supplies Giveaway! I will be contacting Nichole C. soon!

Also, I need to review the wonderful pencil sharpener!

Good things:
-It is QUIET! I mean any pencil sharpener makes noise, but when I am on opposite side of the room and a student is sharpening their pencil I can't hear it! AmAzIng!
-It makes the pencils really sharp! Luckily my kiddos don't write super hard so pencils are not always breaking, but they stay sharp for days! It is wonderful to not have kids always needing to sharpen pencils!
-It is pretty simple to use. I had not explained pencil sharpening rules yet and one of my kiddos decided to use it anyways! The student figured it out!

The only thing that sometimes is a pain is the piece that anchors it to a desk, doesn't always work. It tilts and the kiddos sometimes make a mess with spilt pencil shavings! No worries! Simple solution: head to local hardware store and pick up a longer anchor!

Thank you so much Classroom Friendly Supplies for making such a wonderful product!

Wow okay I need to get back into the routine of blogging. I miss seeing all of the wonderful ideas and sharing my ideas! Have a great weekend! We all deserve it!

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