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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Favorite Picture Books!

Picture books have been the thing that I have been collecting the longest knowing I would be a teacher! Anytime I can I pick up just one or two knowing that I would one day have a classroom library to fill up! So when I stumbled upon this linky over at The Teacher Wife I couldn't help myself!

My favorite books to read for read-alouds are a collection of counting books by Jennifer Ward! They have such a fun rhythm to read to and the kids love looking for the "hidden numbers" on each page!
-Way up in the Arctic
-Way out in the Desert
-Somewhere in the Ocean
-Over in the Garden

Another favorite that I love reading to talk about diversity and how we are all unique, but the same on the inside! Whoever You Are by Mem Fox! It is a wonderful book and I would definitely recommend it!

Lastly, I really enjoy Big Al by Andrew Clements! It is a great book for looking past how someone looks and looking at their personality! Such a cute ending and the message is pretty deep! My firsties during student teaching came up with the funniest answers about what the book was about! 

There you go! Here are a few of my favorites! If you want to share your favorites please leave comments or head on over to The Teacher Wife and link up!


  1. Whoever you Are looks great! I will check it out!
    Eileen- your newest follower.
    Second Grade Sunshine

  2. These are all new books to me but I am so excited to check them out. Super cute blog!!

    Make sure to stop by and enter my giveaway