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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Sunday +Freebie!

Oh my goodness! The first thing I said to myself this morning when I woke up summer is over! I start back tomorrow doing a two day thing with my school, then Wed-Fri a new teacher orientation. The following week is when all teachers are required to report Mon-Wed and then on Thursday the kiddos arrive! Holy smokes! I had to let that go WoW!

Anyways! I was at the gym the other day and had a brilliant idea! Sticker charts created to look like ten frames! (This idea may already exist, but I thought I was a genius!) My original idea was to print them on note cards (I am beginning to hate cutting haha), but that didn't work when I tried to print because of trying to attach the note cards to the paper and blah blah blah! I still created the charts to fit on a notecard, so if you can figure it out yay! I made them black and white so I can print them on colorful paper, but if you would like some color let me know and I can try and add some colorful ones!

Click here to pick them up in my TpT store! FOR FREE!

Also, I donated one of my TpT item to a fellow blogger and her giveaway is up and going! Head on over to The Resource Room Teacher to enter!

Have a wonderful Sunday and I will be back tomorrow with Monday Made it! Oh my...I have been making it all week!


  1. I love them! Thanks for sharing and I haven't seen this ides around so great job:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to Monday made it!